CI Processing Pro

Automate processing of data in Nuix and run a true ECA workflow in Relativity.

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Simply and easily run an ECA workflow without needing to be a certified whiz.

CI Processing Pro enables you to run data through Nuix processing without having to be a Nuix Certified professional. CI Processing Pro uses the Rampiva automation engine to empower you to simply and easily process your data using our proprietary ECA workflows to drive time and cost savings.

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Simplify Your Workflows and Save Costs

Save processing templates for reuse on other matters to simplify your workflows, and use our built-in ECA workflows to save time and cost. Only ingest text and metadata to Relativity—once ECA is complete, load the natives for just the targeted review set. The smaller data footprint moves faster through the tools and saves on the monthly hosting GB totals.


New Legal Operations Report!

A report on the increasingly strategic role and opportunities ahead for legal operations leaders.

Cimplifi engaged Ari Kaplan Advisors to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with legal operations leaders to understand how their roles and their departments are transforming, the key elements for success, and what they see for the future of legal operations.

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