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CI Zip

Easily and securely archive or extract data stored in RelativityOne.

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Simplify your archiving process with increased reliability.

CI Zip is a cloud-scale, multi-threaded archive and extraction engine for RelativityOne. Users can now  enqueue Zip/unZip jobs from the front end of RelativityOne and be notified by email when the job is  complete. With CI Zip, there is no more manual monitoring of the file extraction process, and no more poor performance or reliability issues. CI Zip makes it easier to extract and archive files without requiring access to a Relativity Utility Server (UVM) or VPN setup.

Extract and archive datasets with ease

Built to handle quick turnaround archive requests as well as the massive jobs litigation support professionals have become accustomed to, CI Zip boasts the following features:

  • Automated retry and tracking for troublesome files with verbose logging for quality control.
  • Support for encryption, enforcement for password complexity requirements, and automatic key generation.
  • Cloud scale, multi-threaded performance for large archives and extractions.
  • Active job monitoring and historical tracking for teams seeking coordinate numerous deliverables or extractions efficiently across staff members.