Contract Analytics

AI-powered technology solutions and seasoned expertise help you distill the complexities of your contracts.

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eDiscovery and contract analytics converge in the industry’s first unified, technology-powered and attorney-led offering for unparalleled insight and automation.

Our CALMTM team has unmatched experience in contact analytics and lifecycle management. We leverage proven processes and methodologies with seasoned expertise, custom analytics, and AI to reduce volume, timelines, cost, and risk associated with complex contract analysis.

Streamline & Automate Processes

Using analytics to develop more efficient and cost-effective workflows, we can automate processes that extract, analyze, and normalize data from volumes of contracts and quickly deliver an analysis that would take weeks to complete with manual review.

Gain Transparency & Visibility

By applying advanced technology and subject matter expertise to identify a wide range of issues and provide visibility into critical contractual information, we can help you reduce risk and exposure within contract families and across contract portfolios.

Extract Critical Data

With AI-powered technology, we can build models to find specific content and clauses within hidden, obscure, and complex contractual data and increase the accuracy of the information extracted from each contract.

We can tackle your most complex contract challenges with tailored solutions.

Third Party Paper

Building AI models to extract critical contractual information from third party paper

Contract Family Mapping

Mapping legal documents into contract families

Tabular Data Extraction

Extracting information from tables and grids

Creating a Center of Excellence

Building an industrial-strength Center of Excellence (COE) in-house

Our agile delivery model can be quickly deployed and scaled.


We take an iterative and agile approach to AI model building, delivering tailored solutions based on your requirements and expectations, and built upon our legal and subject matter expertise and analytical know-how. Our models leverage a combination of latent semantic indexing (LSI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning tools to maximize automation and significantly reduce volume for review.


Our analysts bridge the AI gap by applying expertise in using the tools and their understanding of legal documents to develop an effective validation process and deliver a cost-effective, timely, and high-quality contract analysis. We leverage 20+ years of time-tested processes developed for document review, combined with advanced analytics, best practices, and proprietary workflows, for a focused and tailored approach to distill complexity and get you quickly to the content of your contracts.

Expert-led, technology-driven solutions empower you to streamline multiple use-cases, including:

  • M&A, Divestitures, and Post-Merger Integration

  • Data Protection & Breach

  • Financial, Regulatory, LIBOR, QFC

  • Procurement

  • ISDA & CSAs

  • Risk Analysis

  • Commercial Terms

  • Business Process Automation (BPA) & Data Entry

  • Data Privacy, including GDPR & CCPA

Contract Lifecycle Management

Bring a new level of transparency, insight, and control to your contract process with our advisory and implementation solutions that bridge legal and technology.

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We harness the technologies that power contract analytics.

Our curated ecosystem features industry-leading analytics tools like DocuSign to extract critical contractual information and deliver insight into your contract portfolios. Our team has been working with DocuSign Insight for more than 10 years—we are a leading Platinum Partner and are CLM certified.

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Meet one of our CALM experts.

Charles Post
EVP, Contract Analytics & Lifecycle Management

For over a decade, Charles has been a legal tech authority on utilizing emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to tackle the legal industry’s most complex contract data issues. Charles leads the Cimplifi CALM practice. His unique experience is anchored in advising businesses on practically implementing contract analytics and contract lifecycle management projects and standing up digital capabilities including other technologies such as blockchain, and smart contracts.