Blog  |  March 08, 2021

From Law School to Product Manager, a Career Path that Combines Law and Tech

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are excited to introduce one of the newest members to the Cimplifi family: Aisling Curran, product manager.  In her essay below, Aisling describes her role as a product manager and what led her to the intersection of law and technology.

From the Beginning 

I went to school to become a lawyer but soon after graduation, decided that practicing law was not for me.  I wanted to stay tangentially involved in the law and saw legal technology as that path.   I became an eDiscovery project manager and spent years working with clients, in both corporate legal departments and law firms, learning about their concerns, needs, and successfully supporting a variety of technologies. Ultimately, this led to me becoming a technology product manager because after 10 years, I knew the client base, the industry, and the pain points, as well as what tools were needed to make life easier for legal practitioners.

As a product manager, I am a conduit of ideas between client wants and needs, reverberations of the market, and our engineering team at Cimplifi.  We take this feedback and determine what further developments make sense for our clients and which align with the overall direction of the company. Day-to-day, I try to stay focused on delivering value; to both our clients and Cimplifi. If both of those needs are met, and our clients and the company are happy, then my belief is that we are on our way to building something great.

Creating the Vision

I scour the market to stay aware of general trends, thinking ahead 2 to 5 years, and am always learning about new tools that our clients might find valuable.  I work with our operations team to onboard new technology and programs into our platform, and work with the product and engineering teams to plan for any feature development that Cimplifi might consider developing in-house.

Cimplifi is truly a great company—a diamond in the rough.  It has the right people to make my days fun and challenging, and the team has already demonstrated tremendous success with our existing clients and the market overall. I love the idea of being a part of the growth at Cimplifi. Seeing year over year how our hard work will continuously deliver value helps make each day that much more exciting, allows me to share in my co-worker’s success, enlightens me to our clients’ daily needs, and puts all our hard work into context.  Looking back, the opportunity to join Cimplifi was an obvious choice for me.

Anticipating Client Needs

In 2021, Cimplifi is going to broaden and deepen our platform. This year we plan to expand our end-to-end review tool options (we already have Relativity, H5, and Nuix Discover), add a legal case management software, a deal room software, bring on another contract analytics software (we already offer Heretik) and we will begin to build out our data governance offering.

We will continue to enhance our PowerCI and CI Admin tools. Look out for expanded management rights within CI Admin – currently its enables user management, but we will add group and cross tool matter management features. By the end of 2021, PowerCI will look and feel very different. We plan to reorganize the presentation of PowerCI and add in more layers of cost projections and billing insights. We want our users to feel empowered, not just to manage the nuances of their matters and users but also to feel like they can make decisions based on real time costs that they can see and or control.

Facilitating Success

We are also building upon the training we offer. Our clients love @AlisonCiaramitaro (director of training & implementation at Cimplifi) trainings and we plan to provide them on demand to our users to view as often as they need, and it will include interactive sessions, customized programs, and training videos across all the tools we offer.  I get to be an integral part of planning, marketing and ensuring the client success with all of these features and tools!  Pretty incredible!

I love taking an idea and making it a reality and I am fortunate to be able to do that at Cimplifi.  I could not have landed in a better place for me—and I know I will provide value to our clients.  Looking back at law school now, I see very clearly that the path I choose was the right one for me. Reach out to me with your ideas at [email protected].


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