CI Admin

The ultimate administration tool for unprecedented ease and control.

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Simplify administration across your tech stack.

CI Admin is your gateway to the Cimplifi ecosystem, making it easy to manage your matters through streamlined administration and expansive tool permissions across all your applications. With SSO login, cross-tool user management, and custom enhancements, CI Admin makes it a breeze for your team to create and manage user credentials in a single app.

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See how CI Admin takes the hassle out of user management.

Cross-Tool User Management

Using single-sign on (SSO) protocols and API’s, your team can seamlessly and effortlessly grant access to all the apps in the Cimplifi ecosystem—such as Relativity, DISCO, or Brainspace—without needing to configure any other credentials in those apps. 

Manage Status & Permissions

Create and manage users, groups, matters, workspaces, and audits—including new user creation, user disablement, Okta permissions and log-in restrictions, and user audits.

Administer Multi-Factor Authentication Rules

Ensure that your security measures are in place with each user by managing user level IP Restriction rules.

Track Sign-Ins

See when users signed in (or attempted to sign in) via Okta, whether they were successful, what access rights they were granted, and where they were located when they logged in.