An Expansive Ecosystem

A curated portfolio of market-leading software makes it easy to power your eDiscovery and contract analytics without limits.

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Cimplifi empowers you to tailor your tech stack without tethers.

Our secure platform gives you access to the most powerful industry tools, free from the burden of infrastructure or licensing. No investment, commitment, or constraints. All freedom, choice, and possibility.

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Cimplifi eliminates the need for infrastructure and licensing. No back-end implementation, maintenance, or management required, which means less hassle, lower costs, and fewer headaches.


Choose from a curated portfolio of 3rd party software, featuring some of the most advanced, cutting-edge, and widely-accepted tools in the eDiscovery and contract analytics landscape today.


Flexibility to deploy Cimplifi Legal SolutionsTM for your entire operation or utilize for a single project—scale up or down without limits. Tailor your tech stack and build out a custom platform without any custom development.

Explore our ecosystem of trusted technology partners.


The industry leading eDiscovery software, we offer both RelativityOne and Relativity On Prem. Self direct your entire eDiscovery matter—upload, process, run analytics, review, and produce— out of Relativity, or turn to our expert professional services team for seamless support. Relativity Analytics is integrated for ease of implementation, allowing you to quickly get to and produce the data that matters most.



Founded in 2013, DISCO has quickly risen to be an eDiscovery industry leader. DISCO is an end-to-end, cloud based (AWS) eDiscovery tool. Use DISCO to self-drive your matters entirely or feel fully supported by Cimplifi support teams. With the user-friendly interface, anyone can easily upload data, process, analyze data and get into your documents.


Reveal Brainspace

An industry-best analytics tool used for early case assessment, data investigations, and data analytics, Reveal Brainspace employs innovative AI and Machine Learning technology to accelerate the process of identifying the data that matters. World-class visualization and search functionality, supervised learning with the Continuous Multimodal Learning (CMML) feature, predictive coding, and targeted learning help you unearth your data, which can be imported into Relativity for further eDiscovery review and production.



Dig into your body of contracts using DocuSign’s Insight and CLM solutions. With a deep and comprehensive toolset of pre-built models, reporting, and analytics tools that employ natural language processing, machine learning, and rules-based logic, DocuSign Insight is the industry’s premier contract analytics tool. DocuSign CLM empowers you to appropriately discover and assess legal risk and better manage the end to end internal and external contract management workflows and processes. DocuSign drives automation and repeatable processes across your entire body of contracts, driving efficiencies and reducing risk.



ModeOne offers extraordinary accuracy and speed in remote mobile data collections for litigation and investigations, and directly exports the data collected into a designated Relativity workspace. It is the only remote collections technology on the market that can identify and collect specified types of data directly from Apple iOS and Android smartphones, ensuring only data relevant to the matter at hand is collected, while protecting sensitive personal data of individual custodians and excluding it from the collection.



Integrated with Cimplifi and Relativity, Aurelogy searches through vast quantities of data quickly and accurately, helping legal teams identify relevant information faster. Utilizing private and secure large language models, data is not shared across workspaces, eliminating cross contamination of documents while ensuring data remains private.



Everchron has been at the forefront of redefining how case teams collaborate on complex litigation matters in today’s legal landscape. Everchron’s platform augments case preparation at every phase of the litigation lifecycle  from investigation, to complaint, motions, depositions, arbitration, and trial. With a highly intuitive interface, dynamic chronologies, a powerful video transcript suite and intelligent witness files, teams can instantly leverage access to case critical data and insights wherever and whenever they need it. By optimizing case organization, fostering seamless team collaboration, and automating common processes, Everchron empowers litigation teams to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.