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Leverage industry-leading eDiscovery processing tools with customized workflows for deeper insights and greater efficiencies.

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State-of-the art eDiscovery processing and hosting capabilities offer flexibility, scalability, and innovation to handle matters of any size and complexity.

We offer multiple platform options through Relativity, Nuix, and Disco, enhanced with proprietary workflows and automation tools to deliver insight into your data with speed and efficiency.

Process Large Volumes of Complex Data

Backed by the industry’s most trusted and time-tested platforms, we can process and host data for any size matter and across a vast range of data types, including text and chat messages, social media, and other complex, unstructured data.

Reduce Documents for Review

We have developed proprietary workflows to amplify the functionality of industry-leading tools and significantly reduce the overall data size by employing proven AI workflows to cull documents to review and automate burdensome processes.

Gain Meaningful Intelligence

Our expertise in processing and analytics tools helps you achieve deeper insight into your data, empowering smarter decisions that reduce document volume ahead of the critical and costly review process.

Customized tools and workflows enhance your experience and accelerate performance.

Our Cimplifi Innovations (CI) suite of proprietary tools and automated workflows amplify the power of your processing platform and deliver more ease and simplification.

Explore our CI Suite

CI Processing Pro

Powered by Rampiva and enhanced with proprietary workflows, this tool automates processing of data in Nuix and enables you to run a true ECA workflow in Relativity and RelOne.

CI Processing

Simplify Relativity OnPrem processing with a single “drag and drop” import that allows you to quickly upload and process data directly from your desktop.

CI Access

Load and transfer data between your local or connected drives and your staging directory at lightning-fast speeds with this package powered by Aspera and Citrix.

Access to the most powerful and trusted processing and hosting platforms in the industry.

We partner with best-in-class technologies to deliver a range of features and functionality with the flexibility, scalability, and security to meet any processing demand.

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Joe Skalski
Senior Director, Client Success

With over 20 years in forensics, litigation, eDiscovery, and project management, Joe is a Certified Specialist in eDiscovery (CEDS), a certified Brainspace Analyst, a RelativityOne Certified Pro, a Relativity Certified Admin and Sales Professional, and is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

See how industry leaders leverage our expertise and solutions to drive better results.

Case Study
White Collar Crime & RICO

Cimplifi cost-effectively identified critical and unique documents in Brainspace and applied advanced analytics to deliver a focused approach that led to a successful defense for a corporate executive.

Case Study
Internal Compliance Audit

In support of its information governance policies and to ensure regulatory compliance, our client engaged Cimplifi to assist with highly-sensitive internal reviews.

Case Study
Class Action

When review volume quadrupled a week into a three-week discovery deadline, Cimplifi rallied a team to process and review a million pages and deliver production to counsel’s office on time.


You knew us as Compliance, experience us as Cimplifi.

Meet the new face of Compliance and a reflection of the experience we deliver to clients. Cimplifi embodies our promise of empowering clients with more control, choice, and ease, and conveys our value in simplifying the experience of eDiscovery and contract analytics with the next generation of expert-led, technology-driven legal solutions.

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