Data Reduction & Analytics

Expert-led, technology-driven solutions deliver a defensible, cost-effective approach to identifying the data that matters.

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Data science, tailored workflows, and hands-on legal and data expertise come together in a single-source solution for analytics and review.

We leverage proven processes and methodologies with custom workflows, advanced algorithms, data science, and AI to segregate and analyze documents faster, more efficiently, and more accurately—delivering visualizations, insights, and analytics that reduce data volume, costs, and risk.


We apply analytics to segregate and categorize documents faster, more efficiently, and more accurately, so attorneys can focus on and prioritize data and reduce review time—the most expensive aspect of the eDiscovery process.


Using analytics to develop more efficient and cost-effective workflows, we can automate processes that cull data from volumes of documents and quickly deliver an analysis that would take weeks to complete in manual review.


Cimplifi has a team of dedicated analytics experts and data scientists with fluency in advanced analytics technologies and ECA tools, workflows, and legal expertise to help simplify the complexity and reduce the cost of document review.

Explore the many ways we use analytics workflows to deliver significant advantages.

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TAR/Predictive Coding

Algorithms can assess hundreds of thousands of documents in seconds, enabling your teams to focus on the most relevant data first and reducing the cost of review by up to 90%.

Continuous Multi-Modal Learning

Weed through non-responsive data to get reviewers the most important documents first, producing impressive and accurate results.

Cognitive Analytics

Gain deeper contextual clarity and uncover critical facts by understanding behavioral signals within unstructured data and converting them into valuable insights.

PII Analytics

Scan millions of documents, pinpointing and highlighting the most sensitive PII information in minutes to mitigate risk, ensure compliance with privacy laws, and assist in data breach response.

Privilege Analytics

Shorten timelines with access to a database of law firm domains and counsel names and ability to understand communication patterns, email threads that break privilege, and indirect protected communications.

Contract Analytics

Analyze thousands of contracts and their different clauses through a single intuitive workflow that identifies similar meaning and language across libraries of documents.

Concept Clustering

See related documents and data points faster and more efficiently to help eliminate irrelevant data and filter the most relevant documents to priority status for a more consistent review.

Timeline Analysis

Understand the gaps in data or the stories behind your data. Timeline analysis can help you focus on conversation anomalies as well as pinpoint critical periods in your data.

Key Entity Analysis

Entity identification can take on more than just names and organizations; we can customize analysis to locate relevant topics, events, or data points, linking them together to help uncover the truth faster.

Communication Analysis

Analyze patterns and connections in email, chat, and messaging. Search on topics or entities to pinpoint key players or timelines, and drill down into specific parties to discover how issues developed.

Harness the technologies and solutions that power analytics.

Our ecosystem of industry-leading tools makes it easy to get the most from your data.

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Andrew Rutter
Senior Vice President, Analytics

Andrew manages the company’s analytics offering and advises on best practices regarding the use of artificial intelligence in eDiscovery. Over the course of his career, he has consulted on and supported a wide variety of projects involving analytics, including governmental investigations, private litigation, and corporate compliance workflows. Andrew draws on his industry experience and his legal background to deliver impactful, defensible, and cost-effective results.

See how industry leaders leverage our expertise and solutions to drive better results.

Case Study
DOJ Second Request

Using Relativity, Brainspace, and a team of 300 document review attorneys, Cimplifi processed and hosted 20+ TB of data and conducted technology-assisted review in support of a DOJ Second Request with aggressive deadlines.

Case Study
White Collar Crime & RICO

Cimplifi cost-effectively identified critical and unique documents in Brainspace and applied advanced analytics to deliver a focused approach that led to a successful defense for a corporate executive.

Case Study
Internal Investigation

Using Brainspace analytics to identify and code the most important documents, Cimplifi enabled a report to be quickly prepared and delivered to the Board of Directors with the results of the investigation.