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Multi-platform integration made easier. The best technologies made better. A more empowered experience made possible.

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Your world is complex.
We make it simpler.

Cimplifi makes it easy to harness the technologies and services that power eDiscovery and contract analytics. We integrate proprietary tools and automated workflows with market-leading software to streamline processes, unify reporting, and empower users.

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Access a curated suite of market-leading software, free from the burden of infrastructure, licensing, or maintenance. Customize and scale your tech stack on a case-by-case or user-by-user basis.


We make the best technologies work better with our proprietary tools and automated workflows that integrate and streamline administration, processes, and reporting—across apps, matters, and projects.


With simplified pricing and complete visibility into your data, projects, environment, and users, you’ll always know what to expect and can better manage your matters, operations, and contracts.

Proprietary tools and workflows help you get more out of your tech stack.

Our Cimplifi Innovations (CI) suite of proprietary tools and automated workflows are designed to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience that pulls everything together across your ecosystem for greater visibility and control, with less complexity and effort.

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Simplified Administration

Our CI tools offer convenience and simplification through streamlined administration and expansive tool permissions. Automated workflows, SSO login, cross-tool user management, and custom integrations make it easier and more efficient to manage your matters, users, and tools.

Cross-Tool, Cross-Matter Insights

We give you access to real-time metrics across all of your matters. Get actionable intelligence into your data, cases, environment, and users with easy-to-understand visual reports and metrics to help you make more informed decisions.

Visibility and Cost Control

Simplified pricing and real-time data across cases and tools help you project, track, and recover costs across your matters and operations with confidence and transparency.

A curated, expansive platform makes it easy to power your eDiscovery and contract analytics without limits.

Get access to an ecosystem of the most powerful industry tools, free from the burden of infrastructure or licensing. No investment, commitment, or constraints. More freedom, choice, and possibility.

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Meet one of the experts behind the Cimplifi experience.

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Aisling Curran
Executive Vice President, Integrated Services

With over a decade of experience in eDiscovery, Aisling brings a combination of technical skills, expertise, and unrelenting passion for simplifying the eDiscovery experience.

See how industry leaders leverage our expertise and solutions to drive better results.

Case Study
eDiscovery Technology Platform Outsourcing

To eliminate the burden of its eDiscovery technology infrastructure, a law firm turned to Cimplifi for an outsourced solution and self-directed experience for its attorneys.


Case Study
Internal Compliance Audit

In support of its information governance policies and to ensure regulatory compliance, our client engaged Cimplifi to assist with highly-sensitive internal reviews.


Case Study
Internal Investigation

Using Brainspace analytics to identify and code the most important documents, Cimplifi enabled a report to be quickly prepared and delivered to the Board of Directors with the results of the investigation.


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Learn to harness the power of AI to simplify the complexities of your contracts and unlock insights from your data so you can do more faster across the entire contract lifecycle.

Join experts from Wells Fargo, Cimplifi, and DocuSign while they discuss how AI can be used for your overall document lifecycle management, real-life implementation of AI into a CLM process, and see a live-action demo by a CLM expert.

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