Automotive & Motor Vehicle Transportation

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We understand the complexities involved in conducting business in a global marketplace, with new and innovative supply chain structures, significant regulatory restrictions, and increased pressure for greener automobiles.

We have experience with the challenges that auto manufacturers, parts suppliers and distributors, emerging technology companies, and autonomous vehicle and advanced mobility developers face. Clients rely on our expertise to assist with antitrust and trade regulation, IP, environmental and emissions standards, product liability, class action, and regulatory and compliance issues. We routinely consult with counsel to assist with privacy, cyber security, taxation, 2nd requests, FTC enforcement action, and white-collar criminal issues.

Some of our experience includes:

  • Automotive parts manufacturer defective design litigation

  • Defense of auto manufacturer in consumer class action litigation

  • IP protection of integrated automobile components

  • Automotive environmental issues

  • Automotive OEM & supplier litigation

  • Automotive antitrust & trade regulation

  • Personal injury and wrongful death

  • Price-fixing MDL