CI Tools

Proprietary tools and automated workflows streamline processes, unify reporting, and empower users.

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We make the best technologies work better.

Our Cimplifi Innovations (CI) suite of proprietary tools and automated workflows are designed to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience that pulls everything together across your teams, tools, and matters for greater visibility and control, with less complexity and effort.

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Streamlined Administration

With expansive tool permissions, automated workflows, SSO login, cross-tool user management, and custom enhancements, we make it easier and more efficient to manage your matters, users and tools.

Integrated Insights

Easy-to-understand visual reports and real-time metrics deliver actionable intelligence into your entire ecosystem, giving you insight into your data, cases, environment, and users—empowering you to make more informed decisions, gain control, and recover costs.

Easy, Empowering Cost Control

Gain confidence, certainty, and clarity with simplified pricing models and visibility into your activities and data to help you know what to expect and better project, track, and recover costs across your matters and operations.

Client-driven innovations offer integration with intelligence.

Developed with client input and designed to solve your workflow challenges, our CI tools and Cimplifi Legal SolutionsTM deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience, valuable insights and benefits, all with less complexity and effort. Explore our suite of CI Tools:


Coming Soon: An Inside Look at the Use of AI in CLM

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As a follow-up to the Cimplifi 2022 report, Modern Legal Operations: At the Convergence of Law and Business, Cimplifi engaged Ari Kaplan Advisors to interview 50 corporate legal operations leaders for a new report that offers practical guidance for legal operations leaders on the current and future state of affairs of CLM and AI, including how corporate law departments are incorporating AI into their CLM implementations, their concerns with selection and implementation, and where the market for these tools is headed.

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