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Going Mobile: Device Management Policies and Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions

In our last post, we discussed the current landscape of mobile device discovery, including how ubiquitous mobile devices are in…

Going Mobile: The Current Landscape of Mobile Device Discovery

There is no doubt that mobile devices have become a constant in our daily lives. We take them everywhere and…

Why Many First-time CLM Implementations Fail

Navigating the Complexities of Enterprise CLM Implementation: Insights from Cimplifi and Transformation Best Practices Gartner predicts that nearly 50% of…

Demystifying CLM: More Than Just an Acronym, It’s the Heartbeat of Business Lifecycles

In the bustling metropolis of the corporate world, where time is currency and efficiency is the law of the land,…

Unlocking the Value of Your Contract Data

By effectively extracting data from contracts, organizations can gain valuable insights into their legal and financial obligations, opportunities for negotiation,…

Emerging Use Cases and the Future of AI for Legal

Last time, we continued our “nuts and bolts” series of artificial intelligence (AI) for legal professionals with a look at…
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