Energy, Oil, Gas, and Utilities

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We are well-versed and deeply experienced with the unique challenges of the energy industry.

We have worked within energy, oil, gas, and utilities sectors, providing services for transactional, regulatory, legislative, and litigation-related disputes. We have offices in energy hubs like TX, PA, and CA, and have represented electric and gas utilities, power authorities, power generators and transmission owners/operators, renewable energy developers, retail suppliers, oil and gas operators, transporters, field service operators, and others in the energy ecosystem, locally and globally. Our team is familiar with regulatory matters across FERC, the EPA, and various government agencies, departments, and commissions. We’ve assisted with litigation matters such as development and power agreement disputes, resourcing pricing issues and royalties, commercial litigation involving E&P, mid and downstream operations, and IP protection

Some of our experience includes:

  • Oil pipeline leak

  • Electric generation facility downtime litigation

  • IP protection of solar-based energy panels

  • Substation fire and ensuing destruction claims

  • Production site explosion

  • Utility infrastructure litigation

  • Asset disposition/bankruptcy and reorganization

  • Regulatory approval of pipeline and asset sale

  • Natural gas merger