We’ll help you find the data that matters.

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When you need to get through volumes of information to get to the data that matters, turn to Cimplifi for a better approach.

Whether for an internal or external investigation, we help you dig in to your data and find what’s important, relevant, privileged, and strategically necessary for production or to inform decision-making—and we’ll do it more intelligently, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

From Investigation to Litigation

We give you the tools to support your investigation in-house—as it grows in scope or complexity, you can expand your toolset and seamlessly call in our bench of experts to support your team…without ever having to move your data.

The Expertise to Drive Effectiveness

Our team of analytics experts is fluent in advanced AI technologies and ECA tools, best practices and workflows, and has the legal expertise to help simplify the complexity and reduce the cost of your investigation.

Empowering Your Team

We give your internal team access to a curated suite of industry-leading software and easy-to-use, proprietary tools that help them quickly and confidently find, analyze, and manage data to support your investigation.

Comprehensive, scalable solutions for all aspects of Investigations.

  • Legal Hold

  • Data Discovery & Classification

  • Data Retention

  • Data Remediation

  • Incident and Breach Response

Cimplifi harnesses the technologies that help you harness your data.

We give your team access to a curated ecosystem of industry-leading technologies, made better by our proprietary tools and workflows, to help you find, analyze, and manage data with more ease and control.

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