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From data collection to expert witness testimony, our team of experts can handle the most complex and sensitive cases across the globe. We apply industry-leading methodologies and tools to ensure preservation, data integrity, and a defensible chain of custody.


We can perform on-site or remote collections, regardless of size, device, platform, or location. Our experts are adept at streamlining collections across an ever-growing array of structured and unstructured data sources.


Our team of forensic examiners deliver precise, organized, and easy-to-follow reports that present factual evidence in a logical, well-articulated manner. They have worked closely with litigation teams to prepare results of forensic analysis for presentation, deposition, or testimony.


By utilizing multiple, industry-leading tools, we can deliver multidimensional insight into the attributes and content of unstructured data across your enterprise in just minutes. These insights empower faster decisions and resolutions in a defensible manner, at greatly reduced costs.

Our expertise comes from hands-on experience in the trenches of forensics.

Our digital forensics and investigations experts gained their experience from organizations such as the SEC, FBI, Homeland Security, and U.S. Army Intelligence. Areas of expertise include:

  • On-site collection from desktops, laptops, servers, share drives, and cloud accounts

  • Remote collection of data using end-point indexing agents or forensic collection kits

  • Forensic analysis of devices to find hidden, deleted, or otherwise obscured evidence

  • Mobile, tablet, and smart device collection including data from apps and other third-party integrations

  • Collection from Slack, Teams, and other chat and text messaging platforms

  • Operating systems for Mac, PC, and open source such as Linux

  • Forensic analysis of devices to uncover intellectual property theft, insider threats, and potential stolen data

  • Departing employee investigations

  • Financial loss investigations, including uncovering hidden assets or monetary sources

All the tools to power forensics and analytics, in one integrated experience.

Cimplifi makes it easy to optimize data collection and analysis with a curated portfolio of industry-leading technologies from X1 and Cellebrite, as well as Relativity, RelativityOne, and DISCO.

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Case Study
White Collar Crime & RICO

Cimplifi cost-effectively identified critical and unique documents in Brainspace and applied advanced analytics to deliver a focused approach that led to a successful defense for a corporate executive.

Case Study
Second Request

From processing through AI-driven managed review, Cimplifi partnered with outside counsel and our client to meet the demands of a Second Request issued for a merger of two internet-based companies.

Case Study
Internal Compliance Audit

In support of its information governance policies and to ensure regulatory compliance, our client engaged Cimplifi to assist with highly-sensitive internal reviews.