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We make it easier for law firms to manage the business of law, so you can focus on the practice of law.

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Today’s law firm, whether AmLaw 200 or boutique, faces unprecedented challenges that can take focus away from your core practice. Whether for a single matter, single client, or as your long-term services partner, we deliver world-class technology solutions, expertise, and service to empower your teams to be more successful, help you manage and recover costs, and free you up to focus on the practice of law.

Increased Pace and Precision

Proprietary workflows and customizations integrate with best-of-breed review and AI tools to deliver practical. defensible strategies that accelerate the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of review.

Flexible Review Options

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art document review facilities with customizable, socially distanced space configurations or choose remote review in a secure virtual workspace.

Service Excellence

We are easy to work with, responsive, and reliable, earning clients’ trust as an extension of their team invested in their success. We are driven to delight our clients by delivering an experience that is simply better.

We empower your firm with a simplified, seamless platform to power your eDiscovery and contract analytics.

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Scalable, Next-Generation Solutions

We are pioneering the next generation of legal solutions with technology-enabled eDiscovery and contract analytics and management solutions. We have invested in the most advanced, widely accepted technologies and built an industry-leading platform to seamlessly and securely manage data across your entire legal portfolio.

Transparent, Predictable Pricing

Choose the simplified fee structure of a subscription model with predictable monthly pricing, or pay as you go with fixed-fee pricing at rates lower than most providers charge. Or, combine the two for a hybrid solution. No matter which option you choose, you’ll find more consistency and transparency for greater control, certainty, and cost recovery.

Technology Without Tethers

Access a curated suite of market-leading software, including Relativity, Relativity One, and DISCO, free from the burden of infrastructure, licensing, or maintenance but with all the security and intuitive workflows. With Cimplifi, you can customize and scale your tech stack on a case-by-case or user-by-user basis.

Intelligent Integrations

We make the best technologies work better with proprietary tools and automated workflows that integrate and streamline administration, processes, and reporting—across apps and across matters for a seamless, user-friendly experience that pulls everything together across your portfolio.

Integrated Insights

We give you access to real-time metrics and reporting across your projects. Get actionable intelligence into your data, cases, environment, users, and contracts with easy-to-understand visual reports and metrics to help you make more informed decisions.

Cost Management & Recovery

Simplified pricing and real-time data across matters, contracts, and tools help you project, track, and manage costs with confidence and transparency. With complete visibility into your data, cases, environment, users, and costs, you’ll always know what to expect and can better manage your projects, operations, and business.

Flexible, Tailored Service Models

Manage everything in-house with Cimplifi for a self-directed experience, with the ability to seamlessly bring on expert support on demand as volume and complexity increase or resources get stretched. Or, turn to our team for a fully managed solution. However you want to engage, there’s no one way to work with us, and many ways of doing business.

Scalable, Agile Approach

With no commitment or investment required, you can leverage as much or as little of our platform and services as needed and adjust as your needs change. We don’t lock you into any one solution or approach, which means you’re never stuck with a solution that doesn’t work for you.

Expert consultants and project management set you up to succeed.

We join forces with yours to deliver cost-effective and defensible strategies for your firm and your clients, backed by responsive and reliable project management. Our professional services team offers a deep bench of talented and tenured review managers, technical engineers, data scientists, project managers, and TAR consultants who use leading industry software and well-established workflows to effectively and efficiently execute eDiscovery and contract analytics. Ultimately, we help your firm establish best practices to help you achieve better outcomes for your clients.

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See how industry leaders leverage our expertise and solutions to drive better results.

Case Study
Multilingual Review: Anti-Competitive Pricing Matter

Over a period of more than three years, Cimplifi provided multilingual review for an anti-competitive pricing matter, delivering custom workflows, analysis, and reporting.

Case Study
Multilingual Review: Financial Fraud

Cimplifi played an integral role in a large global review related to financial fraud litigation.

Case Study
eDiscovery Technology Platform Outsourcing

To eliminate the burden of its eDiscovery technology infrastructure, a law firm turned to Cimplifi for an outsourced solution and self-directed experience for its attorneys.