Contract Lifecycle Management

Advisory and implementation solutions for more effective and efficient contract management.

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Legal expertise, advisory services, and technology-driven implementation solutions simplify your system and empower your people.

The CALMTM team are authorities on contract analytics and lifecycle management. We help you build workflows, establish repeatable processes and best practices, and leverage the right technologies to create a scalable solution that creates efficiencies and complements your existing practices.


Whether your goal is to digitize paper contracts or implement an efficient and standardized process, our advisory services bring a new level of transparency and control to your contract process. We can help you implement an automated CLM process and system to quantify success and ROI.


Unique and unprecedented contract language can stall a deal. An automated CLM system can weight risk for each clause in your contract process, create data-driven intuitive contracts, and build negotiating profiles for a more efficient and effective negotiation process.


Our experts provide you with a contract playbook, empowering your organization to limit or even eliminate manual intervention through the implementation of a technology-enabled CLM solution that delivers standardization, governance, and automation.

We can tackle your most complex contract challenges with tailored solutions.

Third Party Paper

Automated workflows facilitate third party negotiation

AI-Driven Workflows

Contract analytics drive automated CLM workflows

Facilitating Adoption

Methodologies and training approaches support new ways of working


Tailored solutions facilitate and automate repapering and notification

We harness the power of AI to simplify the complexities of your contracts.

Our curated ecosystem features industry-leading analytics tools like DocuSign to extract critical contractual information and deliver insight into your contract portfolios. Our team has been working with DocuSign Insight for more than 10 years—we are a leading Platinum Partner and are CLM certified.

Get to Know Cimplifi

Meet one of our CALM experts.

Charles Post

For over a decade, Charles has been a legal tech authority on utilizing emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to tackle the legal industry’s most complex contract data issues. Charles leads the Cimplifi CALM practice. His unique experience is anchored in advising businesses on practically implementing contract analytics and contract lifecycle management projects and standing up digital capabilities including other technologies such as blockchain, and smart contracts.