Modern Legal Operations: At the Convergence of Law and Business

A report on the increasingly strategic role and opportunities ahead for legal operations leaders.

Cimplifi engaged Ari Kaplan Advisors to conduct a series of in- depth interviews with legal operations leaders to understand how their roles and their departments are transforming, the key elements for success, and what they see for the future of legal operations. The report, “Modern Legal Operations: At the Convergence of Law and Business” is a synthesis and analysis of these conversations, delivering insights that will help legal operations leaders see the opportunities ahead of them.

Some key takeaways:

  • Legal operations is where law and business converge
  • In the absence of consistent structure, standards and playbooks are key
  • Technology ROI and adoption remains a challenge
  • Legal operations is driving the growth of contract lifecycle management (CLM)
  • AI expertise currently resides within eDiscovery
  • As more contract analytics and eDiscovery come in-house, understanding, and applying AI will drive better outcomes
  • There are compelling synergies and opportunities in aligning eDiscovery and contract analytics
  • Roles for the legal operations professional are growing-career opportunities abound