NEWS  |  July 13, 2022

Cimplifi™ Enhances PowerCI Application with Total Workspace Transparency

Offering Greater Visibility into Effective Usage, Storage, and Inactive Workspaces

NEW YORK – July 13, 2022 — Cimplifi, an integrated eDiscovery services and contract analytics provider, today announced a new release of PowerCI, a Cimplifi Innovation (CI). The addition of total workspace transparency to PowerCI, increases the visibility and control clients have with workspace usage and storage.

PowerCI is an intuitive dashboard that delivers actionable intelligence through analytics and reporting. It offers intuitive reporting and metrics for complete transparency, cost visibility, and data monitoring across cases, your environment, and users. Through PowerCI, RelativityOne users can now easily see total workspace size including effective usage, active storage, repository storage, and cold storage, in one easy to access dashboard.

PowerCI also gives clients the ability to view total spend by pertinent categories such as analytics, expenses, hosting, media, processing, production, redactions, translation, project management, technical support, forensics, and professional services consulting.

The inactive workspaces dashboard in PowerCI provides overview data for workspaces that have not been accessed by an end user for greater than 30 days across any Relativity instance giving clients more transparency into workspace activity and more control over storage costs.

“The goal of the PowerCI dashboard is data transparency,” said Ari Perlstein, chief technology officer. “Through the dashboard, we have given our clients more visibility and control.  At any time during the month, they can easily disable users, flag workspaces as cold or early case assessment, and easily control their costs.”

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