Blog  |  December 21, 2021

Cimplifi Conversations | Featuring Kim Carradine


We know the importance of building a company and culture that empowers people to thrive. We offer an environment where you can make an impact and grow and be recognized for the value you deliver.

Welcome to our series, Cimplifi Conversations, where we recognize a team member honoring our company values – courageous, reliable, inventive, and adaptable. At Cimplifi, we believe in empowering our people and providing opportunities for professional and personal growth.  

Recently, Amy Hinzmann, president of Cimplifi, sat down to chat with Kim Carradine, director, client success. Since 2019, Kim has partnered with our clients to maximize every aspect of our client-centric experience and ecosystem, from technology to reporting and everything in between. We hope you enjoy learning more about Kim and seeing what makes the employee experience at Cimplifi special to her.

A: Hello, Kim. Thanks for chatting with me today about your experience at Cimplifi. Let’s kick things off by telling us a little bit about you and how you found your way to Cimplifi.

K: I was born and raised in southwest Pennsylvania and even at an early age, I was driven to do something different than other members of my family. I started selling Avon products door-to-door at 15 and after high school, I studied to be a paralegal. Several years and several kids later, I returned to school to finish my degree, not only for myself but to set an example for my children that it is never too late to achieve your goals. When I entered the legal industry over 30 years ago, I never dreamed I would find my calling within the world of litigation! Because I was involved in the early stages of the eDiscovery industry, I saw there was a new opportunity to grow and evolve into litigation support. With the help of some great colleagues, I made the transition into litigation support as a project manager, then later as a manager. I was introduced to Compliance at an ACEDS conference and not long after became a client. After many years as a client, I joined the organization as a client engagement manager with a primary focus on supporting our clients on all aspects of engagement to ensure they maximize the benefits of our solutions.

A: It’s so interesting to see the different avenues and areas of industry that bring people to Cimplifi. I also love that your focus is our client’s success. –Tell me, can you describe yourself in one sentence?

K: Well, that is tough– if I had to describe myself in one sentence, I would say that I am empathetic and am invested in helping others realize their potential both professionally and personally.

A: Such admirable qualities and I can see why you love engaging with and supporting our clients! What was the defining factor that made you want to work at Cimplifi?

K: I loved being a client and I had a great experience when I worked with Cimplifi. Not only did Cimplifi provide me with the tools I needed to succeed in my role; but the people at Cimplifi were also truly invested in my success.  When an opportunity arose to help other clients achieve the same success, I knew it was an opportunity that had to be seized.

A: Yes, seize those opportunities! It’s important to pay attention to the world around you, the opportunities that are out there! Tell me a little more how Cimplifi helped you in your career development?

K: One of the great things about Cimplifi is the innovative and collaborative mindset. Everyone seems open to collaboration and in sharing past experiences and willing to listen!  This translates into creative solutions that provide both client success and employee growth. This has allowed me to learn from a diverse group of professionals, while challenging me to drive innovation and collaboration both internally and with our clients.

A: It’s not always easy to be innovative and courageous, but I love that our entire company believes and works toward these important values no matter what position or department they are in. Are there other values or personality traits you have that enable you to excel at your position?

K: By default, I am a problem solver and a firm believer in active listening. These traits along with my background have enabled me to work with our clients as well as our fantastic team of internal resources to identify solutions, processes, and workflows that make a lasting impact.

A: I am also a firm believer in active listening! To succeed in any part of life, personally or professionally, it’s a vital skill. What motivates you to go above and beyond in your life?

K: My desire to continuously learn and to help others, both professionally and in my community, have been cornerstones in my life.

A: Speaking of learning, tell me about your proudest professional accomplishment.

K: I am proud of the long-standing relationships I have built throughout my tenure in this industry – it is a great community, and I am very proud to call many of my colleagues, friends. Aside from the relationships, I am proud to be one of the first recipients of the CEDS designation through ACEDS.

A: And with that, what do you foresee being the next major milestone in your career?

K: While I do have a ‘type A’ personality, I do not have my future planned. I do, however, want to continue working with an organization who values its employees and provides a path to further evolution in this industry. I look forward to the milestones that come along with that. My main professional goal is to continue to grow and evolve, not only in leadership responsibilities, but also in my personal knowledge base which will enable me to achieve the former. I love being challenged and being pushed to think outside of the box.

A: Change or evolution is inevitable and it’s great to hear that you embrace it. Speaking of about change, tell me about a situation when Cimplifi went through big changes. How did you adjust?

K: Cimplifi has undergone significant growth and change over the past year. Change may not always be easy but those who know me best, know I do not shy away from change.  Keeping an open mind, leaning into the process, and learning from different thoughts and perspectives only makes me better as a whole.

A: I really love the theme of learning, adapting, and improving you have within your professional and personal lives. But as you said, change is not always easy. Is there an area you would like to grow in that you currently find challenging?

K: Information governance and data protection/privacy is an area that is both complex and fluid. Much like being involved early in the practice of eDiscovery, I am embracing the opportunity to be involved early in the data privacy process!

A: After such a tremendous year of growth, what do you think lies ahead for Cimplifi?

K: I am truly excited about the future of Cimplifi! The talent, vision, and thought leaders at Cimplifi have helped to cement us a trusted client partner and also have elevated Cimplifi as a leader within eDiscovery, contract analytics, and information governance.

We are always looking for knowledgeable and passionate people to join our team. Explore our job board to learn more.  Attorneys, data experts, project managers, sales pros, and IT whizzes: this is your opportunity to thrive!

Until then, we look forward to introducing you to more of our talented team members that shine and bring dedication and creativity to their role at Cimplifi.