Blog  |  August 25, 2020

Compliance Announces Nomination for Best Innovation: Solution Provider Relativity Fest 2020

NEW YORK, NY AUGUST 25, 2020 – Compliance, an integrated eDiscovery services and managed review provider, today announced that it is up for Best Innovation: Solution Provider at the Innovation Awards at Relativity Fest 2020. The Innovation Awards, presented by Relativity, are an annual award ceremony honoring excellence in the eDiscovery and greater legal tech community. While this is the first year the awards and Relativity Fest will be entirely virtual, the company has boasted its highest registration numbers to date.

Compliance’s two submissions include CI Admin and CI Migrate. CI Admin is the Discovery-as-Service (“DaaS”) administrative gateway to the entire Relativity and DaaS ecosystem. Through a single app that sits outside the Relativity instance, CI Admin allows your administrative team to create and manage user credentials, providing custom two-factor authentication and single sign-on configuration through Okta. It also provides clients with the ability to seamlessly and effortlessly grant access to Relativity partner and Compliance- developed applications contained in Compliance’s App HQ, such as NexLP, Heretik, or Brainspace, without having to configure any other user credentials in those apps.

CI Migrate, Compliance’s newest innovation, is a magical automation tool that allows a user to, with the single click of a mouse, commence an automated, scripted process that creates an ARM of a selected workspace, efficiently transfers the backend data from of your Relativity Server repository and ultimately restores the ARM and data separately in Relativity One, with full validation to ensure everything transferred properly.

“We build our applications with our three core tenets in mind: control, innovation, and ease,” said Marc Zamsky, President and CEO of Compliance. “Legal technology can be quite complex and cumbersome, and we’ve been working hard to make it more accessible to the community. Being nominated for two of our apps proves it. We couldn’t be more proud.”

The winners will be announced on September 23, 2020, the last day of Relativity Fest.

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Compliance is an ISO 27001 certified eDiscovery services and managed review provider and innovator of DaaS (Discovery-as-a-Service), a powerful toolkit of the most advanced eDiscovery software, analytics, and data security available. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art development, and secure, certified data centers, Compliance supports corporate legal departments, law rms, and public entities in managing critical and complex legal matters with control, innovation, and ease. Compliance is a System One division. Discover Compliance: