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Blog  |  September 05, 2023

eDiscovery, the “Swiss Army Knife” that Applies to any ESI Workflow

eDiscovery has its roots in litigation, and litigation is still the use case that people reference the most when discussing eDiscovery. Today, however, eDiscovery workflows and technology can be applied to much more than litigation. The information derived from ESI drives workflows from investigations to privacy requests to cyber incident response – and more. You can’t conduct these workflows without identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, analyzing, reviewing, producing, and presenting ESI. eDiscovery has become the “swiss army knife” that applies to any workflow involving ESI.

In this series, we discussed considerations for various use cases to which eDiscovery workflows and technology can be applied to provide considerations and best practices for each of the use cases.

The application of EDRM phases to ESI applies to every use case. By leveraging eDiscovery technology and workflows, organizations can efficiently identify and manage key ESI for a variety of use cases, such as litigation, investigations, data privacy, compliance purposes and much more. Ultimately, just about any use case that involves ESI needs eDiscovery!

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