Case Study  |  January 21, 2020

Internal Investigation

A law firm and their corporate client needed help with an investigation that involved a time­ sensitive matter. The client handled the nearly 2 TB rolling collection internally.

As data was collected, Cimplifi processed and promoted it to our integrated Brainspace­ Relativity environment and applied date filtering with Brainspace analytics. From there, we set up a series of Saved Searches and Notebooks for the client, which were used to create additional searches to narrow down the actual document count for review.

Over two million documents were processed and promoted to Brainspace, where our Saved Searches and predictive analysis results were applied. After just a few days of analysis by the attorney, the second set of data was reduced to 22,000 documents—these were loaded for review and a team of four reviewers coded the data in just four days.

Ultimately, the set was narrowed to just 6,000 documents from 500,000. By using Brainspace analytics, the most important documents were identified and coded so a report could quickly be delivered to the Board of Directors explaining the result of their investigation. Despite a complex data set with over 80,000 errors that needed to be resolved, the entire process was completed within one month and saved a significant amount of money for the corporate client.

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