Case Study  |  August 21, 2019

Product Liability Claims

Our client, a major US aircraft engine manufacturer, faced an increase in litigation cases and had to defend against multiple product liability claims alleging defects in engine design and manufacturing. In all matters, our client faced significant legal exposure, including medical bills for catastrophic personal injury, and in some instances, death. Cimplifi was exclusively retained for its ESI and managed review needs.

Due to similarities across multiple claims, Cimplifi created a unified workflow for both ESI technologies and managed review services. Our tailored workflow began with understanding our client’s identification and selection process of data sources, which allowed us to recruit highly-qualified contracted attorney reviewers with a technical and aviation product liability background.

We employed various analytics tools, such as concept searching and document clustering, as well as communication analysis in an intuitive workflow. This provided the client and counsel with a “Google Earth” view of the datasets for review and allowed counsel to narrow and cull data sets when applicable.

Throughout this process, Cimplifi gained very specific experience and client knowledge, allowing the combined legal team and client to institute best practices as new product liability claims were filed. Due to our knowledge of the client’s business, the claims at issue, and our experience with the processing of unique data types, our overall efforts reduced legal review costs by 50% and ESI technology costs by 45%, resulting in significant savings to the client and their insurer.

Lastly, our efforts helped establish a repeatable and defensible protocol for future product liability claims between the client, the insurer, and outside counsel, reducing any charges of spoliation or sanctions against the manufacturer for failing to produce.

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