Case Study  |  October 21, 2020

Remote Review: False Claims Act Matter

Our client, a global manufacturer of technological components, engaged Cimplifi for a False Claims Act matter that began with nearly 8 million documents.

Cimplifi initially reduced the data set from nearly 8 million documents to a set of 375,000 through the use of tested search terms. Brainspace analytics’ email threading further reduced the reviewable set to just 200,000. Counsel was then provided with a sample of 1,000 documents to train the Continuous Multi-Modal Learning (CMML) program, which aided in prioritizing the most likely responsive documents first, and which also helped familiarize the review team with key issues.

This review project began on-site at our facility in Washington D.C., but as COVID-19 quarantines expanded, successfully continued via our remote review service: attendance improved, productivity rates increased by nearly 20%, and communication within teams remained effective.

The implementation and availability of remote review, along with Brainspace analytics and CMML, ensured smooth completion of this project in just under a month, even in the most trying circumstances, and to our client’s complete satisfaction.

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