Case Study  |  February 14, 2020

Second Request

When two internet-based companies merged, a Second Request was issued that required the processing, hosting, review, and analysis of more than 10 TBs of data and millions of records.

Partnering with outside counsel and the client, Cimplifi collected data from over 100 custodians, culled the data down to a more manageable 2 TBs, and loaded nearly two million records, to which our team applied Brainspace advanced analytics, predictive coding technology, and a prioritized review workflow.

Cimplifi consultants also submitted testimony to the DOJ to defend our predictive coding efforts. Working with more than 150 document review attorneys in both our Washington, D.C. and New York facilities, along with attorneys and paralegals from outside counsel housed in our office, the review was completed, the submission filed, and the merger approved.

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